Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For those of you who think I don't post enough pics of Josie . . . .

Here you go.

They were all so cute, I couldn't help myself. And I didn't even post all of them either. I was a little camera happy that day.

After the playground on Saturday-we met up with Shali and Priya (another little girl adopted from Vietnam.) They were born in the same month. Priya is a little firecracker! They both had a blast running around the rest of Laurelhurst Park.

We told them to "smile" for the camera. This is what we got.

The duck pond

All the LEAVES!

TA DA! (What she is celebrating-I have no idea. She's generally always proud of herself.)

Taking a break . . .

"Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? " Or maybe she's just messing her pants.

Yeah-I'm betting on the pants . . .

"Hey-is your mom driving you nuts with the camera, too?"


TA DA! (Obviously, neither of them seem to have any self-esteem issues!)

Shali and the girls.

There's probably a dog in the vicinity . . .

"Hey-on the count of three-let's make a break for it!"

I love how putting a photo in B&W makes you feel like a professional photographer.

It looks like their own little version of Follow the leader. . . .

WooHoo! A big PILE of leaves!


taylorchloejake said...

Awesome photos! I'm so glad you guys had a chance to let the girls play with each other. Looks like they had a blast! Here's to next summer doing it again!

Julie and Dean said...

I'm practically crying over here! OHHHHHHHHHHH I miss you guys so much. I say we have a playdate in Knoxville soon w/the whole gang!

Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving! These photos are GREAT. One of my favorites is the one where the girls are facing the pond. Oh, and the holding hands. Sooo sweet.