Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yeah-that's a quesadilla, kid.

Just asked Josie if she was hungry and she said she was.  Went over a few options and when I asked her if she wanted a tortilla with cheese she said, "No!  I want a little PIZZA!" 

Okey doke-got out the tortillas, cheese, turkey pepperonis and pizza sauce (that's how we roll . . . .).  She pulled up a stool cuz she wanted to make it.  She pointed at the jar of sauce and said she didn't want that.  OK.  She pointed at the pepperoni and said she didn't want that.  Alrighty then.  Then-she said she wanted the other cheese (as in, not the mozzarella I had out).  "Which one?"  She picked out the bag of shredded Mexican cheese blend.

"So-you want a tortilla with cheese, then!"

"NO!  I want a little pizza!"

Yeah, whatever kid. . . . .

Monday, April 18, 2011

I heart faces-wind.

This is my favorite picture of my niece.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Do they still do the Lillith Fair?

Josie is really into "girl things"-as in certain toys are girl toys and certain ones are "boy toys".  I used to often get her the "boy toy" at McDs (stop judging-my girl needs her some fries!)-but I can't get away with that anymore.

Her new thing is music.  When we're in the car and I turn on the radio-she'll pipe up from the backseat-is this a girl song or a boy song (as in-is the singer a girl or a boy)?  If I tell her it's a boy song, she insists I change the station.  Sometimes it's hard to find a song on one of my 5 presets that is a "girl song'.  We seem to end up listening to a lot of Taylor Swift . . . .

The pics below were right before we left for the Kindergarten Round-Up (!!!!) at our neighborhood school.  She got to sit in a kindergarten class with one of her potential teachers while the parents got all the info in the cafeteria.  Then the kids got to take a 15 minute ride around the neighborhood in a big yellow school bus before joining us in the cafeteria for cookies.  She had a blast.

I actually started to tear up when I left her in the class . .  .what am I going to do on the first day of kindergarten?

Look at her.  All legs.  This girl-she is killing me.