Thursday, November 26, 2009

Conversation at the breakfast table

Josie: "I'm a girl!"

Me: "yep"

Josie: "And you're a girl. Cinderella is a girl. And Papa is a boy."

Me: "MmmHmmm" (We have a version of this conversation every day-so pardon my lack of enthusiasm)

Josie: "Mama? I'm happy. Are you happy?"

Me: "Yes sweetie. I'm very happy."

Josie: "Everyone's happy! Papa's happy, Grandma's happy . . but . .. Cinderella's not happy. She's sad. She's crying. But she'll be happy later."

Thursday, November 05, 2009

This will have to do.

I forgot to get a pic of Josie in her Tinkerbell costume on Halloween-so this will have to suffice for everyone's Halloween fix. A little too big maybe?

We had a great Halloween week-Josie got to wear her costume 3 times for various parties/trick-or-treating. Now she thinks we're supposed to be going to a party every night though. I took her and two of her cousins trick-or-treating together. It was Josie's first time-and she loved it. After the first house she's all "Let's do that AGAIN!" At one point I'm pretty sure I heard her declare that it was "Awesome". I'll start worrying if she starts using words like "Rad" or "Gnarly".

Below-she is showing off her Ariel nightgown-complete with twirling. If you scroll REALLY fast-you might be able to see the twirl.