Monday, May 19, 2008

Pics from the playground

More pics at the parade


Taylor and Chloe

Josie eating some of the candy they were throwing. The parade was cute-people walking their dogs-a lot of them in costume.

And then-some time on the playground . . .

pet parade

On Saturday-we went to a pet parade with another PLAN family that adopted twins last year. Taylor and Chloe are about 3 months younger than Josie. Natalie (mom) also gave birth last fall to Coby-so she's got an 8 mo old and 20 mo old twins. Hat's off to you, Natalie! The girls are adorable and Coby is a giant baby. He's about the same size as Taylor (the peanut). I realized how tall Josie is when she stood next to the twins. She's grown a bunch in the last couple of months. She's becoming a little girl-no longer a baby.

The girls were pretty wary of each other-but by the end of the morning were bonding over cookies and string cheese. I've turned Chloe into a string cheese convert. I had a hard time getting some good pics of Taylor-she wasn't too sure about me and Josie at first. Chloe was a bit more social-she didn't turn away every time I picked up my camera. But they come to Oregon several times a year-and I predict they will all become good friends. It was great to meet Natalie (or SuperMom as far as I'm concerned!). We're looking forward to more get togethers-hopefully with more PLAN families next time.

Some pics of the day.

Chloe (this is how she spent most of the parade-pointing!)


A couple of shots with all three girls (pretty hard to get!)


Cutie pie with her monkey

Bubble? Bubble? Bubble? Bubble????????

Okay-now imagine the word bubble getting higher pitched each time until it becomes barely recognizable and you will understand what I hear several times a day-Josie usually starts this around 6am (or whenever she looks out on the patio) and keeps it up all day. One morning when I went to get her out of her crib-I opened the door and instead of the usual "Hi Baby!"-she said "Bubble?". Sigh. I'm really starting to hate the bubbles-it turns into a fight every time. She dumps them out, gets mad when she can't do it, wants me to do it and then gets mad that I'm doing it and not her. Dumps them out again . . . .

Yeah-I said that . . .

I've decided to start making a list of some of the random things I end up saying during the day. I notice I refer to "we" alot . . . .

#1. Josie-we don't drag the toaster down the hallway!

#2. That's nice, sweetie-but we normally don't kiss the potty.

more to come, I'm sure.

Next stop-Carnegie Hall!

So-we're in the kitchen and Josie's rummaging through one of the kitchen utensil drawers and I turn around and see her pretending to play the violin with a spatula and a skewer(!).

note: Before you call me a bad mommy-I didn't unpack the kitchen when I moved-and was told this particular drawer had nothing dangerous in it . . . obviously, someone helping that day didn't get the memo.

Anyway-I was pretty shocked cuz I couldn't figure out where she came up with that-but I quickly traded her the skewer for a chopstick and ran for the camera.

I called my mom to tell her of our little prodigy-and she reminded me that there is an Elmo video that has a maybe 4 second clip of a little girl playing the violin in it.

I'm still impressed.