Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is THAT what she said?

Holy cow-I have to document this before I forget . .  .

On our way home from Josie's first dance class (a WHOLE OTHER post-the cute was so overwhelming i need to recover!) we passed the community garden at the middle school nearby. 

Josie:  "Wow-look at the garden!  Did you see it Mama?"

Me: "Yes-that's a big one isn't it?"

Josie: "That's what the girl said."

NO JOKE!  Is this a coincidence?  Do I have a budding Ellen Degeneres on my hands?  I don't go around making the "That's what she said" jokes-so I have no idea where she got it.

But I am soooo proud!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Girly Weekend!

A couple of weeks ago-Josie and I spent a weekend at the beach with good friends.  Natalie is the mom to Taylor and Chloe and Shali is Priya's mom.  All three of us used the same adoption agency and ended up following each other's blogs and/or meeting up in Portland for playdates through our agency's yahoo group.  Josie and Priya turned 4 in June (same birthday!) and Taylor and Chloe just had their 4th birthday.  We all had such a good time. The kids were so good-only a few arguments about toys and whatnot but nothing major.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and headed to the beach-we were worried it was going to be too cold to play in the water but of course, the kids paid no attention to the temperature of the water and were wading in the creek almost immediately.  I dressed Josie in shorts because I KNEW this would happen.  I made fun of Nat for dressing T and C in long white sweatpants because it didn't take long for them to be soaked.  First, she tried rolling them up.  Pretty quick-with the exception of Priya who didn't seem to mind wet pants-the rest of the girls got rid of their pants altogether.  And of course, we didn't think we'd need swimsuits that day.  Oh well.  They had a blast and when we got cold and hungry we decided to head back for a bath and dinner. 

The next day was really foggy and cool.  We bummed around a bit and then hit the outlet stores for a little shopping.  After lunch, the girls watched a movie and Josie promptly fell asleep and didn't wake up.  The other girls hit the pool while i stayed and tried to wake Josie up.  She must've slept for over 3 hours!  The pool was heated (cuz c'mon it IS Oregon here . . .) but by the look on Priya's face in the last pic-it was COLD when you got out!  We ended the evening at a local restaurant so we could get our seafood and chowder fix.  The other girls went to bed early while super-napper Josie hung out with the grown ups until bedtime. 

Sunday the weather was much nicer and we put the girls in suits and snapped a few pics.  We headed back to Fogarty beach and did go on the surf side for a bit but the sand was covered in shells and seaweed.  We saw a seal, watched the waves and then headed back to the creek where the adults didn't have to panic every time a wave hit the shore.  It was beautiful but waves like that take on a different meaning after you have a kid and have to worry about sneaker waves, riptides, and driftwood!  Of course, thanks to Shali-now Nat and I have to worry about STAGNANT BACKWATER.  Yes-the things we learn from a water engineer . . . .

We had a great weekend and can't wait to do it again!  Oh and yes-Nat, Shali and I get a kick out of dressing the girls alike and can you blame us?  The CUTE!  These children are way too adorable.