Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween 2008

Last year-Josie was not fond of the Halloween costume i got her (Tinkerbell). And since she has an aversion to clothing anyway-I knew I need to dress her in something comfortable. Luckily-her favorite movies is Monsters, Inc-so I dressed her as Boo. Can't get much more comfy than stretch pants and an oversize T-shirt. And one white sock of course. Oh-and 2 ponies.

I got her dressed easily enough-but we had a difference of opinion on footwear.

(She's saying "TA DA!)

I finally convinced her to ditch the boots-here's the "completed" look.

I took her to a Harvest Party at a nearby church-lots of silly carnival games, cake walks, chili contest, hot dog eating contest, raffle, popcorn, corn shucking contest (with free corn to take home) . . . .

Josie had a blast. While she never "roped the cow"-she did enjoy sitting on the horse.

And she loved the stick ponies . . .

She went strong for 2 hours-when I caught her sitting still for a minute (finally!)-I knew it was time to head home. She was wiped!

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