Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So-last Saturday we celebrated Josie's 4th birthday with family and friends.  We'd had 2 months of nearly constant rain so I was so relieved that it got nice and sunny and warm for the party-since it was outside at a park.

Josie and her birthday Ariel cupcakes (courtesy of the amazing Michelle at My Petite Sweet)

Playing bubbles with Brittany

Lovely day so all the kids ended up in the fountain!

One of the gifts (from my SIL and brother and kids) was a bunch of Tinkerbell dolls and houses and stuff.  Ten million itty bitty tiny things that took me 30 minutes to unpack out of the plastic.  Look at these pics-I told my SIL that I wasn't sure if she really loved Josie or really hated me! ;)  Of course, Marina had to point out that it could be both . . . .

See how tiny those are?  There are teacups I have to hold with my fingernails . . . . But it makes sense that they are extra tiny since they belong to fairies!

We had a great day and I drew a little treasure map for the kids and we took them on a little adventure to find pirate booty-but I didn't get any pictures.  Trust me-it was hilarious.  Keeping 5  three and four year olds on track to follow a map and find "hidden" treasures is like herding cats.  They would be looking right at a bright pink bag taped to the underside of a table and STILL not find it.  Or we'd run through the fountain and lose a kid.  I don't remember Dora having this kind of trouble.

So-Josie's actually birthday is tomorrow and is looking to be a quiet affair with just the two of us-I'm thinking a Red Robin birthday song and sundae is in order!