Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For those of you who think I don't post enough pics of Josie . . . .

Here you go.

They were all so cute, I couldn't help myself. And I didn't even post all of them either. I was a little camera happy that day.

After the playground on Saturday-we met up with Shali and Priya (another little girl adopted from Vietnam.) They were born in the same month. Priya is a little firecracker! They both had a blast running around the rest of Laurelhurst Park.

We told them to "smile" for the camera. This is what we got.

The duck pond

All the LEAVES!

TA DA! (What she is celebrating-I have no idea. She's generally always proud of herself.)

Taking a break . . .

"Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? " Or maybe she's just messing her pants.

Yeah-I'm betting on the pants . . .

"Hey-is your mom driving you nuts with the camera, too?"


TA DA! (Obviously, neither of them seem to have any self-esteem issues!)

Shali and the girls.

There's probably a dog in the vicinity . . .

"Hey-on the count of three-let's make a break for it!"

I love how putting a photo in B&W makes you feel like a professional photographer.

It looks like their own little version of Follow the leader. . . .

WooHoo! A big PILE of leaves!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Playing in the park

We went to Laurelhurst Park on Saturday-it was a gorgeous fall day-a little chilly, but not bad. I was trying to get a shot of Josie to use for Xmas cards-here's a couple I got before I Josie fell off the teeter-totter. Yeah-I'm a GREAT mom! (She's fine-lots of leaves to break her fall . . .)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I may have to enroll her in Catholic school after seeing her in this blue jumper . . .

Josie is fascinated with this picture of my grandma-she died several years ago so Josie has never known her (though Grandma Carroll would just LOVE her!). Anyway-whenever she picks up this picture I tell her it's grandma and I think she is confused and thinks it's my mom.

Mom and Dad have been gone on vacation FOREVER (okay-2 1/2 weeks . . . .) and Josie is really missing them. I've been careful to not say their names, but she keeps having fake phone conversations with them.

Yesterday, after I dressed her for church (in what now is my new favorite outfit for her)-she picked up the picture of "Gramma" and kept showing it to me. I think she wants to see grandma. Just a couple more days, sweetie.

Giving Gramma a kiss.

Hey Mom-leave me alone. I found cheerios on the floor.

Yep-that's my girl! (sigh)

PLAN playdate

Some of Josie's new friends are leaving the Portland area-SP's family is heading to Tennessee. We had a playdate at Natalie's and Jake's House of Awesomeness (see the Jumpolene for proof!) before they left.

Not a fabulous picture of Julie and SP-but apparently the only one I have of them . . .

The Jumpolene~Josie (sans pants as per usual) and Coby the Sumo wrestler . . .

Chloe and Priya also getting in on the action.

Coby sizing up his prey. . .

"Yeah-I can take her" . . . .

One, two, thress . . . . Josie's pinned! (And seriously ticked off, I tell ya!)

Priya- "Break it up-you two!"

Taking a break from the madness for a little ride . . .

I want one of these things . . .and the room to put one in!

My "the baby whisperer" helping Taylor with her shoes.

Priya and Shali

The ever-popular big long tube.

Chloe -looking ready for a nap. Playing is hard work.

Hamming it up for the camera!

Julie, Dean, and SP-we'll miss you!