Monday, December 08, 2008

Sesame Street Live!

couple of weekends ago-Josie and I went down to Eugene and attended Sesame Street Live with Shula and Anh and Shu's sister.

The kids did great-Anh was mesmerized during the whole thing and didn't appear to move a muscle. Josie fidgeted more-but did really well. She sat on my lap for most of it. The look on her face when the curtain went up and Bert and Ernie came out was priceless!

It was a pretty long show-2 hours with an intermission. The performance was at the Holt Center and we went to the 10:30am show. When we got there we were surprised and amused to see a bar serving beer and wine. But, by the time Bert came out in a white disco pantsuit-I was longing for a beer!

Waiting around before the show . . . .

Shula and Anh

Josie getting excited.

"leave me alone mom-I'm trying to watch Elmo!"

During intermission-they came out with this insane bundle of Elmo balloons. The lighting inside made it difficult to get a picture-but I'm showing it anyway. Josie and I spent intermission watching the Elmo balloons that got away float up to the top of the ceiling.

The aforementioned disco outfit (pic doesn't do it justice. Plus you can't see him dancing.)

The kids with their Elmo balloons (Thanks Tamara!) Luckily-these didn't sing!

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