Friday, December 17, 2010

Josie's first dance recital Part 2

She did much better in this one-though it's a bit disturbing that she unceremoniously dumped her "baby" on the ground. It may not look like a dance routine in the middle-but she actually was doing her "triangles" and arabesques pretty good. Hey-they're only 4! ;)

Josie's First Dance Recital Part 1

Josie had her first dance recital last weekend. The Christmas one is (apparently) a low-key affair at a church hall and the "big" performance is in a high school auditorium this June.

Josie started the class in September-a pre-ballet and pre-tap class for 4-5 yr olds. She has a great time and just watching the class is fun. The mommy's take turns being the "star lady" in class and putting stickers on their folders when they complete a move correctly.

I've been trying to explain what a recital was I knew she didn't understand. She was excited to go-especially since Grandpa Joe, Grandma and Grandma Baker were coming to see her. She hung out with everyone in the audience before the show started and was super-hyped up backstage when the kids were waiting to go on. But she was overwhelmed when they came out and it was dark with the "stage" lit up. So-she didn't do much of her routine. Except at the end when she was the only one to remember to blow a kiss-which she did in the other direction so it's hard to tell what she was doing. When I went back to help her change for the next routine she told me she was scared. Anyway-here's the video of the first one.