Monday, June 29, 2009

3rd Birthday-the one where she's Ariel!

I didn't get to see Josie the morning of her 3rd birthday-which made me extremely unhappy. Last year we took her out to breakfast and I was looking forward to making the "birthday pancakes" an annual thing. Well-I guess there's her always next year. However-I was released from the hospital in time to take her with Grandma and Papa to Red Robin where she got her french fries, corn dog, sundae, balloon and singing.

She insisted on wearing her Ariel dress (yes-it's a little big and we did cinch it up in the back before we left the house) and crown. Who am I do deny the birthday girl! After the last few days-I probably would have let her go in just a pull-up if she'd asked . . . .

Friday, June 26, 2009

Making music . . .

These pics were taken not long before my (minor-thank God!) stroke about a week and a half ago. Josie was using all the cups on the table to make a little music. We can thank DragonTales for this idea. Luckily-she was tapping very lightly with the utensils-so she wasn't being annoying to everyone else.

This is what I often see nowadays when I ask her to smile. Also-whenever I ask her to look at me-she says "cheese".

Playing with Papa Joe's hearing aid . . .

I don't remember taking this picture-but I would love to know what she's thinking.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My future mechanic?

Josie found the face masks and some tools in the garage-pretty soon she was completely absorbed in her "work".

Monday, June 08, 2009

Haircut, Chuck E Cheese and Tired Tot . . . .

I took Josie to a kid's salon and paid $17 for a 90 sec haircut. Josie was only slightly cooperating. Didn't want a bib. Didn't want to watch Nemo. Didn't want to sit in the taxi.

And when it was over? Took me 20 minutes to get her out of there cuz she wanted to watch Nemo while sitting in the yellow taxi.

It's not obvious she got a haircut here really. I can tell-the big difference is in the back-all nice and even! Yay!

The next day we went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for one of Josie's friends from daycare. She loved it. Me? Notsomuch.

The party was during Josie's naptime and she wouldn't take one when we got home. The result? This is what I found when I finished making dinner.

The next day we went to church and Josie went to the childcare room as usual. After church-this is what I found.

That's one tuckered-out little girl. I was hoping to get a good pic of her in her dress and yellow bow in her hair since it looked so cute. Oh well . . . .


Only time will tell . . . .but it's a pretty good start!

Josie and Chloe took turns "walking" each other.

Chloe often seems extremely amused by Josie. But then, Chloe's a pretty happy kid.

More ledge walking.

The slide.

Okay-I know it sorta looks like Chloe fell down and Josie's laughing at her or something. But that's not really what was going on. In reality-Chloe is cracking up here too. I just didn't get her face.

Woodchips. Fascinating.

Taylor was a bit shy that day-but apparently couldn't resist the lure of the woodchips.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Princess Josie

A few pics from a couple of weeks ago.

Don't you love it when they "smile" like that?

Mom made Josie a "dancing skirt" (as she calls it). She's modeling her new tiara and earrings here in it. Watch out-cute alert!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Water Play

It was nice and hot last Friday-so after I picked up Josie from daycare we headed to a local park that has a cool fountain. She had fun-but didn't get all that wet-she was too busy pretending to be Ariel.

Seriously-she was crouched on a rock and singing Part of That World-just like in the movie where she watches Prince Eric from a rock in the ocean. She even stretched out her legs behind her at one point and pushed herself up with her arms. She was killing me . . . .

Uh oh-some kid dared to get on HER rock.

"Leave me alone, mom. I'm singing here . . ."

Time to put on a cover up and hit the playground!