Thursday, April 16, 2009

Silly Easter bunny . . .

This phrase is heard a lot at the house these days-as Josie continues to find eggs in random places. I sing in my church choir and Holy Week is pretty crazy for us-therefore I got a lot of extra babysitting help from Grandma and Great-grandpa Joe.

Since Josie was going to Grandma's on Saturday and staying overnight I decided the Easter bunny would make an early visit. So-Saturday morning Josie woke up to a basket in her crib (yes-she's still in a crib . . . .more on that at another time). She didn't see it right away due to the fact she woke up at 5:30am and it was still dark in her room. Then she hid her eyes when I turned on the light (Bright light! Bright light!). So-finally I asked her,"What's that?" and pointed to it. She thought it was all pretty cool-though she's still finding easter basket grass in her bed (silly Easter bunny!).

I had filled a bunch of plastic eggs with jellybeans and M&Ms and hid them in places I knew she'd stumble upon them. I didn't tell her to look for them-I just let her find them. The first one she found was in a bag of leftover popcorn from the night before. Yes-I let her eat leftover popcorn in the morning . . . .is it much different than Corn Flakes? Anyway-she got sooo excited! Until she tried the jellybeans inside. She spit it out. Thankfully-she gave me enough notice for me to get a napkin. So-she's excited to find the eggs-but really excited when they're the ones with M&Ms in them. Mama gets the jellybeans.

Then-at a chilly (but mostly dry) 9am we joined her daycare buddies at a park for the daycare's Easter Egg hunt. Josie didn't get it at first-she wouldn't hold her own bucket and couldn't understand why she was being asked to clean up the lawn. She was more excited about the Easter bunny-who made her friend cry- and all the balloons. And the playground-which we stayed on until I almost froze to death . . .

Sunday was Easter dinner at my mom and dad's-Josie was ready for the hunt (indoors) this time. She did so well she had to get a second bucket.