Thursday, October 30, 2008

The one where I had to change the title of the post because of all the perverts

Josie doesn't seem to care for clothing. At least when she's at home. When we walk in the door she immediately sits down (as I try not to trip over her) and removes her shoes and socks or whines until I do it for her. She then will get up and strip off her clothing, leaving a trail on the floor.

Here, Josie had only managed to remove her jumper at this point.

This is pretty typical-while she hates her regular shoes, she likes her boots and plastic high heels.

She was annoyed with me in the next couple of shots. for making her stop and stand still. The walking in those shoes is the fun part. And she's so good at it, it's scary.

How can I not put her in gymnastics or ballet after seeing her in a leotard? And sunglasses of course!


Lals said...

Ha, ha, ha... too cute! It looks like you have a future beauty pageant princess on your hands!

Laurie said...

Jackson HATES clothes too, which is why he's so often wearing only a diaper in my pictures! Funny kids. that last picture means you're in for trouble...look at that personality. Definitely a future in a leotard-wearing sport:)