Thursday, April 15, 2010

More of the World According to Josie

I was thinking it was time to update some of the little things that Josie is doing/saying . . .

1.  She really believes in the power of positive thinking and positive speech.  I was sick earlier this week and she asked me if I was all better.
"No, honey, I'm still sick."  
 "No you're not!  You're not sick.  You're all better." 
"Sorry-I'm still sick."
"You're still sick?"
"You all better now?"

Repeat every 15 minutes until I agree I'm not sick anymore.

Also-if she's being naughty and I'm getting upset, she'll ask "You happy, Mom?"  and I'll tell her "No-I'm not. You're not minding me."

"Yes you are!  You're happy!"

Same type of thing at bedtime "It's not bedtime!"

2. Along the same lines, I swear she's going to be a lawyer.   This child will argue that the sky is not blue just to argue.  Sometimes she argues with me when I'm agreeing with her.  No joke.

3.  I could use some advice about how to teach children not to lie-because she's dipping her feet into the lake of deceit.  She's been potty-trained since September but has still been wearing pull-ups at night at my house.  She doesn't wear them at my mom's or my brother's house-but I'm guessing that's because she either sleeps in the same bed or in the same room as them?  Go figure.  Since I know she can stay dry but is either to lazy or too scared to get up and go to the bathroom when she does need to go I decided to reward her with fun-size M&Ms when she wakes up dry.  It was working well, maybe one wet pull-up a week,  until one morning (after she'd gotten her M&Ms) I went into her room to get her clothes and i found a wet pull-up on her floor.  I called her upstairs and showed her and asked if she changed into a dry pull-up that morning.  She told me yes.  I could see on her face that she knew it was wrong.  Then she started smiling-sorta like she knew she pulled one over on me.  That's what makes me nervous. I told her not to lie to me and not to do it again.

Anyway-she tried it again a few days later-I heard rustling over the monitor and I opened her door to a wide-eyed little girl with her hand in the pull-ups.  I got a little angry with her this time-which didn't phase her much until she realized she wasn't getting any M&Ms. 

She tried it one more time and I took the package of pull-ups out of her room.  When this pack is empty-I'm not buying any more and I'm hoping it will help to have her in underwear. 

Seriously though-how did you talk to your child about lying?

4.  She's always play-acting anymore.  Fake crying.  Loud conversations between stuffed animals.  Often she'll yell "Mom!" and I'm all "What?" 

"No-not you!  Her mom . . ."   Okaaaay . . ..

Or she'll say something strange in the car or while she's sitting right next to me and when I ask her to repeat it she's all "I'm just talking to myself."

I'm just waiting for the invisible friend.

And to finish, here's a couple of pics from Easter.

Friday, April 02, 2010


My friends Shula and Patrick came up to Portland for a visit with their two adorable ones-Anh and Tam.  Anh's about 6 months older than Josie and Tam's a year younger than she is and they all got along great.  While Shula and Patrick attended a dinner-I got to pretend I had 3 kids for the evening.  Josie is a very loud kid.  Tam is a very loud kid.  Anh and I just looked at each other and covered our ears.

Dinner-yes, Josie's in her underwear.  She's a pretty classy host.

Watching a movie-Tam's managed to change into Josie's swimsuit.  Quite frankly-I'm surprised Josie let her.

Seriously-how beautiful is this kid?

And of course-Anh and his dimples!

I really should throw these things away-but the pics are cute . . .

Dress up!

The next morning we hit the Children's Museum:

And outside there was a real train!  Anh was in heaven.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tet Party

In Feb-we attended a Tet party for the FCVN (Families with Children from Vietnam) and, as you can see-had a great time.

There's the Fan Dance:

Josie watching herself in the mirror:

Making faces:

The Dragon:

Need to entertain a bunch of kids?  Easy-BUBBLE WRAP!

Getting Taylor's face painted was serious business:

Taylor and Chloe and Josie can never figure out how to have fun together: