Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sept 08 PLAN Playdate

Last Saturday we met up with some other PLAN families for an overdose of cuteness: Chloe, Taylor, Priya, SP and Josie had some fun at Piccolo Park. Josie seemed to wake up with a little bit of independence that day-she kept taking off on her own to play. Usually she makes me follow her around playgrounds so this was a nice change-I got to chat with all the other parents for a change. At one point she decided it was time to go home and tried to leave-so Shali and I had to herd her back to the playground!

We gathered (herded) up the kids for a group shot-SP's mommy (another Julie!) acted as the spotter . . . . This worked out pretty well-much better than the PLAN picnic last month where none of the pics had all the kids even vaguely looking in the same direction.

Josie loves her new Elmo shirt.

Taylor-the snacking queen.

Super-cool shot of Chloe.