Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I may have to enroll her in Catholic school after seeing her in this blue jumper . . .

Josie is fascinated with this picture of my grandma-she died several years ago so Josie has never known her (though Grandma Carroll would just LOVE her!). Anyway-whenever she picks up this picture I tell her it's grandma and I think she is confused and thinks it's my mom.

Mom and Dad have been gone on vacation FOREVER (okay-2 1/2 weeks . . . .) and Josie is really missing them. I've been careful to not say their names, but she keeps having fake phone conversations with them.

Yesterday, after I dressed her for church (in what now is my new favorite outfit for her)-she picked up the picture of "Gramma" and kept showing it to me. I think she wants to see grandma. Just a couple more days, sweetie.

Giving Gramma a kiss.

Hey Mom-leave me alone. I found cheerios on the floor.

Yep-that's my girl! (sigh)