Tuesday, November 04, 2008

PLAN playdate

Some of Josie's new friends are leaving the Portland area-SP's family is heading to Tennessee. We had a playdate at Natalie's and Jake's House of Awesomeness (see the Jumpolene for proof!) before they left.

Not a fabulous picture of Julie and SP-but apparently the only one I have of them . . .

The Jumpolene~Josie (sans pants as per usual) and Coby the Sumo wrestler . . .

Chloe and Priya also getting in on the action.

Coby sizing up his prey. . .

"Yeah-I can take her" . . . .

One, two, thress . . . . Josie's pinned! (And seriously ticked off, I tell ya!)

Priya- "Break it up-you two!"

Taking a break from the madness for a little ride . . .

I want one of these things . . .and the room to put one in!

My "the baby whisperer" helping Taylor with her shoes.

Priya and Shali

The ever-popular big long tube.

Chloe -looking ready for a nap. Playing is hard work.

Hamming it up for the camera!

Julie, Dean, and SP-we'll miss you!

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Julie and Dean said...

Super cute. I love the picture of My and Taylor!