Monday, December 08, 2008

December wedding . . . .

On Saturday, the son of my parent's neighbors and also the kid I used to babysit got married to a lovely girl I hadn't met until then . . . Josie did great during the ceremony. My nephew Josh was the ringbearer and Josie seemed to be a little jealous that he was walking next to the flower girl-a little girl she didn't know. "She's too big! She's too big!" she kept saying. Not exactly sure what that meant or what was going on in that little mind of hers . . . but I think she was jealous.

I dressed Josie up all in red with a really cute dress and ribbons in her hair. She hated the ribbons-we had to retie them a million times, trying to keep them out of her face. The dress unfortunately was a little big on her-but still very cute. She looks wonderful in red.

I had the hardest time getting a good picture-the lighting in the place was dim and there were lots of twinkle lights. When I could get a decent picture-she wouldn't smile. Oh well . . . .

Josie and Josh-whenever these two are around each other there is lots of tussling and touching. Josh just can't keep his hands off of her . . .

My niece Marina with Josie.

Josie with Grandma.

My brother Jeff and my SIL Marie.

Jeff and Mina.

More Josie and Grandma (she's going to kill me for this!)

Josie on the dance floor.

Josie and Josh dancing . . . yes I know it looks like they are wrestling . . . .

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