Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy Day in the PNW

it was snowing pretty hard the other day-so I picked Josie up early from daycare and we went for a walk in the snow. She was pretty excited. But not about the new hat, gloves, boots and coat. Threats were involved. She really didn't know what to make of the gloves-she kept holding up her hands with her fingers splayed for the longest time.

I can't believe how big she looks in these pictures.

We decided to walk down to the little lakes on our property and see if the ducks were okay. It is so weird to see lakes freeze up in the Willamette Valley/Portland area. Beautiful but weird. The lakes had a coating of ice on them in the morning and then another layer of snow by late morning.

Where's the ducks?

There they are! The poor things came barreling out of the water when they saw us-no doubt hoping we had food. We're not supposed to feed the ducks-it's a natural area-but obviously some people do since the ducks followed us for about 5 minutes hoping . . . .

We were out for about an hour and Josie did great til we headed back up the hill for home. She whimpered and whined the whole way-not even wanting me to pick her up. She was so tired. I wanted to laugh at her-cuz it was really kind of funny-but thought she probably wouldn't appreciate it too much. Hot chicken noodle soup and a nap did the trick.

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Laura said...

Oh my gosh, those photos are gorgeous, but *I* need hot chicken noodle soup and a nap just looking at them! How do you make yourself leave the house?!? Soooo cold!!! Josie is getting big.