Monday, June 01, 2009

Water Play

It was nice and hot last Friday-so after I picked up Josie from daycare we headed to a local park that has a cool fountain. She had fun-but didn't get all that wet-she was too busy pretending to be Ariel.

Seriously-she was crouched on a rock and singing Part of That World-just like in the movie where she watches Prince Eric from a rock in the ocean. She even stretched out her legs behind her at one point and pushed herself up with her arms. She was killing me . . . .

Uh oh-some kid dared to get on HER rock.

"Leave me alone, mom. I'm singing here . . ."

Time to put on a cover up and hit the playground!


taylorchloejake said...

That one on the rock is just too cute! She's def. a princess! :O Oh and we can't wait to go to that park!

Shali said...

That park looks great, we need to do a playdate there when we get back. I love the picture on the rock and that swim suit to too cute for words.