Monday, June 08, 2009


Only time will tell . . . .but it's a pretty good start!

Josie and Chloe took turns "walking" each other.

Chloe often seems extremely amused by Josie. But then, Chloe's a pretty happy kid.

More ledge walking.

The slide.

Okay-I know it sorta looks like Chloe fell down and Josie's laughing at her or something. But that's not really what was going on. In reality-Chloe is cracking up here too. I just didn't get her face.

Woodchips. Fascinating.

Taylor was a bit shy that day-but apparently couldn't resist the lure of the woodchips.


taylorchloejake said...

Great pics! They really are so cute together!

Shali said...

They look so happy. So cute. We miss the park.