Sunday, March 29, 2009

So-2 yr olds are like men . . . .

in the sense that they can never find anything. Seriously-i thought it was just a male thing-you know, you send your nephew into the garage to get something-and he comes back 30 secs later saying "I can't find it." So you go out to the garage and practically trip over said item, as it's so obviously right in plain sight. But with a 2 yr old-you have the added issue of short attention span. Holy cow-Josie can't keep her train of thought for more than 5 seconds apparently. And that may be a generous estimate.

So-yesterday I was going to the bathroom with Josie, as usual, being my audience (seriously, she pulls up her stool and sits down right in front of me). She even cheers me on, "you can do it mama!", "Is it coming?", "Good job, Mama!*clapping*).

Well-yesterday I ran out of toilet paper, but hey-it's not a huge problem, right? Josie's right here-I'll just send her to get some more. Yeah, right.

I asked her to go to the pantry and get some more from the bottom shelf. She's all "Okay-I'll be right back!" And then she runs WAY past the pantry (which is in the hallway right outside the bathroom). So I yell for her and say "The pantry, Josie. Where the food is. The kitty food too. The toilet paper is on the bottom shelf!"

"Okay-I'll be RIGHT back!" She makes it to the pantry and pulls on the door. "Help Mama! I can't do it!"

"Try again!"

"Help Mama!"

Sigh. Plan B.

"Josie-can you get Mama the box of tissues from the living room?"

"Sure-I'll be Right Back!" Pitter-patter. Silence.



"Can you bring Mama the tissues?"


"The box of tissues! In the living room!"

"Living room?"

"Yes! On the table!"

"On the table?"

ARRRRRGGH! "The table! By the couch! Where you put your cup!"

"Oh sure! I'll be right back!" (yeah, right . . . .)

Pitter patter. Silence. Sing-song voice "lalalalalasomethingabout grandma'spicture". Oh-she's talking to the picture of my grandma again.



"Bring me the tissues, please!"

"Okay!" She runs into the bathroom, empty-handed.

"I need a kiss! An Ariel kiss!"

I give her a kiss. And then beg her to get me the tissues.

"I'll be right back!" Runs out of the room. Silence.



"The tissues! "


Sigh. By this point, I've dripped-dry enough to shuffle to the pantry to get the toilet paper. As I'm doing so, Josie comes over. "Watcha doin?"


Lals said...

Ha, ha, ha!!!! That's HILARIOUS!

As I was reading the bit about men not finding anything, I was thinking, "Jules, don't you know that the womb is a homing device?" I SWEAR I had a guy say this to me once! ;)

Shali said...

OMG!! I was laughing out loud with this story -- I love where she stops to talk to the picture and then at the end asking "Watcha doing". I'm not sure, I think I still like the getting locked out story better but this is a close runner up.

Denise said...

Hahaha!!! This so funny and so true. I've experienced this with my older children, girls even!

Brandy said...

Haha! I think it's kids in general, not just boys. Although the boys tend to never grow out of it...just ask my hubs. I tell him all the time you might have to MOVE something to see the stuff behind it. ~sigh~

Anyway - GOOD won my sock giveaway so I need your address. I'll do my best to get you some Happy Bunny socks too!

Alex the Girl said...

That is hysterical. I so feel your pain.

Julie and Dean said...

ok, this little girl needs to have her own sitcome. Not only is she adorable, she's hysterical!!