Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The first of many . . . .

So-I know some of you have been waiting patiently for pictures from our trip to Disneyland and with the exception of flying (see post below) we had a great time. My brother and his family drove down while me, Josie and Grandma flew. We met up in Anaheim and stayed at the same hotel. There were 3 birthdays during the trip-my brother, my niece and my nephew.

Here's Josie with my brother's family. Between my mom and I-we took probably 6 or 7 pictures-and this one was the closest to everyone looking in the same direction. Sigh.

Josie climbing while we waited in the first of a million lines!

Birthday girl Marina.

Josie was pretty much the happiest on this trip when she was being carted around by cousin Brady.

The teacups. Josie's in there somewhere . . .

Getting close to naptime. She took naps in the stroller the first couple of days.

On the first day-the first characters we took her to see was Tinkerbell. I probably should've waited until she'd met a couple others first. She was pretty overwhelmed. The first fairy she saw was Silvermist and she ran up and asked "Where's Tinkerbell?"

She finally gets to see Tinkerbell but won't crack a smile or talk to her or anything.

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