Monday, May 07, 2007

Silk Village

Okay-here's a pic for all of you clamoring for a photo of Grandma and Josie . . . .
it took some doing.

On Saturday-we took a trip to the Silk Village with some other PLAN families along with Cherie (our in-country liason), her son Brian, and Cong (who does a lot of the driving). The Silk Village is comprised of at least one silk factory and a street full of shops. We ended up buying a bunch of beautiful Ao Dais for Josie. I think we have at least one for every year until she's four.

Josie liked the Snugli . . .she fell asleep on the bus and woke up halfway throught the trip.
Silkworms . . . .

More silkworms . . . .
After shopping we went to lunch with everyone at Wild Rice-where mom and I shared some spring rolls and she had some fried rice and I got noodles and seafood. Josie wanted our food-or maybe she just wanted the chopsticks. Not sure. So far-none of the waitresses at any of the restaurants have taken Josie during the meal. This was a time that would've been nice as she got quite squirmy.
Sorry for the lack of updates . . . .Josie got 2 more teeth over the weekend . . . . she was very cranky, didn't sleep much, and had a few bouts of inconsolable crying that almost sent me over the edge. However, it's getting better and hopefully I can post and put up pics and video of our trip yesterday to Josie's orphanage in Cau Giay.


Joni said...

Julie - Thanks for posting the picture ...tell mom she looks too young to be a grandma! As always, thanks for sharing your journey, and hugs for Josie..hope the teething gets better soon!
Joni at 3FC

Kristen(KrispieD) @ 3FC said...

Congrats again Ladies
Joni beat me to the punch.. I was about to say how lucky Josie is to have two such beautiful women in her life! I hope you all have a wonderful first Mother's Day together.
The teething shall pass.. if you have any fruit see if you can freeze some and she can chew on it like a popsicle and it will help
Thanks for sharing the adventures!

Jillian said...

absolutely wonderful picture of you, josie and your mom! i love all the updates! thanks for letting us be apart of your wonderful journey, julie. hope you have a happy first mother's day.

jillian, from 3FC.

Cassi (bizlawchik) said...

Thanks for the updates. And thanks for the Grandma pic. You all look so beautiful. It looks from these pictures that you have that "new mommy glow"!

Lettie said...

sounds like you need to wear the snugli all night! haha, I forgot you got Josie before mothers day!! how wonderful for two generations of mommies to be together for mothers day 1/2 way around the world! truly a memorable mothers day. kiss Josie's sweet head for me!