Saturday, May 19, 2007

Couple of things I've been wondering about . . . .

1. How on earth will I use the bathroom once I'm alone with Josie-I'm guessing holding her on my lap isn't a good idea.

2. Who decided that Lentils and Vegetables would be a good flavor for baby food? Josie totally smoked me out of the room.

3. Why do my hands still smell after changing the "lentil" diaper even after scrubbing my hands with soap and scalding water? Please don't tell me I'll get used to it. Who wants to get used to that?

4. Am I going to Hell for planning to dose up the child with Benadryl for the flight home? Before anyone answers in the affirmative-you must first try to get Josie down for a nap. Then-I'll hear your input.

5. Why do "they" insist on playing God knows what kind of music (patriotic?opera?karaoke?) at 110 decibals over a loudspeaker at 8am?

6. If sleep deprivation is a form of torture, is motherhood a form of terrorism?

7. I'm going to need a lot more clothing as Josie LOVES to do raspberries while she's eating. A pair of black pants lasts about 30minutes around her.

8. If nothing I typed here makes any sense, see #6.


Anonymous said...

About #1 -- I held Cameron on my lap for the longest time, and after, when he could no longer be contained, I just made sure the bathroom floor was super clean and all things 'yucky' were out of sight/reach. PS - You won't go to the bathroom alone for at least another year. :) Angie from LAWL

Kerry said...


1. My oldest is I have not gone to the bathroom alone for about 10 years....I don't expect to either for quite awhile...I remember as a teenager banging on the BR door and asking my mother where my shoes, sweater, homework...whatever was, she screamed back: "Can't I have a few minutes alone to pee?!" At the time I thought she totally flew off the handle for NO I understand how sane she wanted to be!

2. Oh, hunny, expect to see and smell alot of funky things out of that cute little bottom!

3. eeeww! kind of like onions, huh?! Good luck with that "issue"!

4. aaaahhh, I can see the soon to be 1st time mom judging you on we eat our previous criticism's AFTER we have our own children! LOL!
ps-worrying about your trip to hell aready....welcome to the world of mother's guilt. :P

5.Weird, I had paper thin doors in my hotel and never heard music. Some daily announcements at around 8am...but not too loud.

6.Yes. Children are terrorists sent by OUR parents! Didn't your mom wish one "just like yourself" on you? I blame my mother for my daughters ceaseless talking! LOL!

7. Jeans hide alot...and just get use to stained shirts. :(
OR, at meal times, you could both strip down to your skivvies!

Julie, I can't wait to hear how everything is going at home. Heck, I can't wait to figure out how everything is going with at my home since coming back!

Anonymous said...

Hee at chica, it's a consideration many of us have had. I had a friend who would give her kids Benedryl before long car trips, even. No worries...and I can sympathize with the no-sleep oldest was the same way. It's tiring!

~Megan (hdsqrl)