Saturday, April 28, 2007

We're Here!

Wow-what a long trip! We arrived at the hotel at about 1am Sunday morning. I believe we're 14 hours ahead here . . . We traveled for about 27 hours. Mom and I both managed to sleep about 5 hours last nite-I'm hoping to not nap and get right on a regular sleeping schedule. We'll see. I feel pretty good-Mom's a bit rummy.

So-we got the internet to work here in the room. I can't seem to access my email-so for now-if anyone needs to contact me-use my netzero account: I hope I can figure out the problem with my groupwise access. I think I might lose my mind if I can't access that account for over a month. I think the WiFi is the issue, but not sure.

So-the trip. We did end up getting the upgrade to business class from San Fran to Seoul. Wow-that was cool. The seats recline fully and they have adjustable footrests. When we sat down-we were immediately given glasses of champagne and little bowls of warm roasted nuts. yum. After a couple of rum and cokes-they served dinner. Okay-i have never eaten airline food that I would rave about before-smoked salmon appetizer, sesame chicken with noodles for me, Mom had some sort of beef and cheddar potato, caramel cheesecake for dessert. yeah. We had our own little TVs and several movie options. I watched The Holiday and amused Mom with all my giggling. Notes From a Scandal was also good-but a bit intense. I dozed during Blood Diamond-which was good because it was a little distressing and quite frankly a little too "real" for me.

While the seats were comfortable-I was in the middle, which made getting in and out a bit of a challenge. Mom and i seemed to be the only ones not able to completely sack out during the trip (were they all drugged or something?). The seats in front of us were completely reclined and Mom and the guy next to me had their footrests completely extended. The first time I came in from the wrong side and basically fell on the guy next to me getting back in-after that I chose to climb (literally!) over mom to get in and out.

We had a about an hour delay in Seoul-and then a 4 hour trip to Hanoi. I thought it was funny that the only sleep we got on the entire trip (besides half-asleep dozing) was while we were in coach seating. When we got to Hanoi-we got through customs without any problem and had a hotel car pick us up. The guy was holding a sign with mom's name on it-how cool is that? Not that I could see it or anything as I had taken out my contacts and spent half the trip blind as a bat. I was going to take a pic of us standing uder the sign at the airport-but after such a long trip-there was no way I was permanently documenting the state my face and hair was in.

We ordered room service this morning-because we hadn't yet figured out how to get coffee and well, you all should know how important coffee is to us! After a quick shower-I headed downstairs to change some money and find more coffee (one cup is NOT gonna do it!). On the first floor of our hotel is a shopping center with a grocery store, baby store (dangerous!), coffee shop (yay!) and a whole host of other shopping. Buying groceries in another country was fun.

Okay-I'll check in later when I hear from Cherie and find out when we'll be able to get Josie!

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Shula said...

Yeay!! You are in Hanoi! What do you think so far? Have you ventured very far out of the hotel? You should really take a taxi over to where the Luckys are and walk around a bit - kind of crazy over there! Have fun and keep us updated. I think that I am as excited as you are - it almost makes me feel like I am back in Hanoi.....