Thursday, April 05, 2007

Finished room . . . .

There are a few people who have apparently been anxiously awaiting pics of the finished room-and with the exception of the glider (which hopefully all the pieces will arrive UNBROKEN soon) and the proper hardware for the shades (so that they can actually go up and down-a good feature in a shade)-the room is finished. I need to arrange things on the shelves too I guess . . . .

Uh, oh . . .I just realized I forgot to put the stuff I had on top of the changing table back after I took this picture. That's a bit of a problem because, apparently changing tables make really comfy cat beds.

It's harder than you would think to hang those letters straight. Plus-the O is larger than any other letter. weird.

My aunt made the curtains . .don't they look great?

See those dresses hanging on the changing table in the first pic? I want to take all 3 to Vietnam. Why, you ask? Why would one child need 3 fancy dresses during a 3 week period? Well-she doesn't. But I love all 3 and can't bring myself to leave one behind. Besides-we need a Giving and Receiving dress (the green one), a coming home from the orphanage dress (the purple I think-it's in the back-you probably can't see it), and a coming home dress to greet Papa and any other family members that travel to the airport (pink). And-there's church, too! See-so many uses for fancy dresses!

Seriously-I have so many baby clothes packed-I'm not sure I'll get to bring any clothes. Last weekend-I took all of Josie's clothes down to Mom's so we could wash and decide which ones to pack. Mom's been feeling a bit stressed about the trip-it's really hard to have no control over any part of this trip. We have no control over the arrival and departure dates really (we've already had to change our departure date-and I've changed our hotel booking 3 times), we won't know when we get Josie until we get there, we will be at the mercy of the US Embassy and just hope and pray that we can leave on our scheduled flight on May 22nd.

Anyway-even though it's laundry-i thought that playing with baby clothes would cheer her up a bit. It works for me-I have taken the clothes out of the closet and rearranged them at least 4 or 5 times. But now-i figured it was time to cut of the tags (so many tags, piles of tags!) and wash them. When i got there-Marina was there to help-Mom asked me where the baby soap was. Huh? You know-there's a lot I have to learn about babies and how to care for them (did you know walkers=BAD!?), but I thought I at least knew how to do LAUNDRY! So-off to the store for Dreft and liquid Downy (no dryer sheets for Josie!). Wow-the clothes smell and feel so good-I think I could just dive into a pile of freshly-washed baby clothes. I want to wash my clothes in this stuff now.

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Amanda Cherry-Haus said...

You have no idea how much I loved reading your blog. I'm currently beginning the adoption process and just reading your blog gives me hope. I wish you and Josie the best of luck... and CONGRATS!