Friday, December 22, 2006


What a week! I picked up my homestudy at PLAN this morning, got everything certified in Salem, and sent off my documents to be authenticated to the Consulate of Vietnam in San Fransisco. This really looks like it's going to happen! I know what I'm doing with my Christmas vacation-getting the nursery ready. Yay!

What a relief! I need a drink . . .where's the rum?


Frugal Work at home mom said...

Congratulations on your journey. My oldest son is adopted from Russia almost 7 years ago and I remember the stress of putting together our dossier and doing our homestudy. We had many bumps in the road but well worth it in the long run.

Shula said...

so sorry to LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOU, but you got it done, didn't you! ;-) Congratulations on working so hard and furious - you rock!
Shula said...

Julie...I love your website. Surely your stress is high now. I will be glad to take care of kitties in your absence. I've done it for Barb over and over. Also, once Josie gets here, you can call on me for anything, like coming to be with Josie so you can go grocery shopping by YOURSELF!
The Binfordites want to have a shower for you. It'd be wise (once you know when baby will be here) to do the baby registry thing at Target and Babies R Us.
I am SO happy for you! Patricia.