Thursday, December 24, 2009

First: Visit Santa. Second: Shop.

On Thanksgiving Day-Josie and I watched the Macy's parade and got very excited at the end when Santa showed up. She's so excited and into Christmas this year-and what's even better is she's still confused about it being on one day-the whole month has been Christmas to her. So I don't have to count down the days or anything-I'm sure that will come next year. So-right now-she's telling everyone Merry Christmas, looking at the presents under the tree but not getting that most are for her, etc. It's a nice place to be.

Anyway-back to the parade. I told her we'd visit Santa and she could tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

"What do you want to ask Santa for?"--thinking she won't be able to come up with something and I'd have to help her.

"A Sleeping Beauty doll!" No hesitation.

I was stoked-what an easy request! And in the ads that day was a Sleeping Beauty doll on sale. Cool! (though it meant I HAD to shop that weekend.)

Just in case-I asked repeated the question several times. Every time-Sleeping Beauty. Nice.

Got the doll.

Over the course of the month-we'd talk about Santa and sometimes I'd ask her again what she wanted for Christmas.

"Purple!" huh?

"What should be get for Grandpa Joe?"


hmmmmmm So-I'd remind her about Sleeping Beauty. "Oh, yeah. Sleeping Beauty."

Finally on the 22nd-I took Josie to see Santa. I met Mom and Josie there and they went to the D*sney store while they waited for me to get there.

We get in (a very long) line and I remind her about asking Santa.

"So-what are you going to ask him for?"


Turns out there is actually an Ariel toy that Josie doesn't have-and it was at the D*sney store. A store that I'm NOT going back to. Shopping-DONE!

So-I spend the time in line reminding her that she wants Sleeping Beauty because she has a lot of Ariels. Oh-and what about Mater? You don't have a Mater-maybe you should ask for MATER! (Can you tell what her Santa presents are?)

"Yeah-and I don't have Doc."

"Right-Doc. You should ask for Doc!"

She was so cute-she sat on his knee and smiled-but was so stiff and shy. After the picture-Santa asked her what she wanted. She leaned in close (and so did I cuz I could barely hear her whispering . . .)

"I want Ariel!"


Joni said...

As always, a great story with a hysterical ending!! Nice try, though, JM!

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

How did she like the Sleeping Beauty doll? This story kept me hanging onto the edge of my seat... you have a real talent for writing them!