Thursday, October 30, 2008

October PLAN playdate-Pumpkin Patch at Bauman Farm

Josie and Chloe checking out the animals.

The Hay Maze

Chloe and Natalie
Josie's turn
Chloe, Taylor and Josie going round and round . . . .

Hi mama! I see you!

Taylor and Josie checking out the Teepee

Instead of a sandbox, they had a "corn"box. Cool, huh?

Josie on a big-kid swing
The requisite series of pictures trying to get everyone to sit still and look in the same direction.

The hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Shali and Priya
The jumping pillow-easily the most fun thing there-I fell down almost immediately and couldn't get back up. Josie crawled out to the middle and was catching serious air. That's Julie and SP next to us.
Josie and SP in the corn box.
Taylor and Josie holding hands in the pumpkin patch.

Josie on her first ride on a horse.

Great fun had by all.

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wendy said...

you guys have a great group of friends, how nice for all those kids to grow up together. I enjoy seeing all of josies antics, she is quite the character.