Thursday, August 21, 2008


Great-Grandpa Joe (Papa) picks up Josie from daycare and takes her to our pool once or twice a week. And she loves it-except for the time the inner tube flipped her over and she couldn't get herself back up. Took awhile to get her back in the swing of things. She was worried about "fall!" Can't blame her really. No more inner tube unless I'm in the pool right next to her. Or maybe at all. A little girl drowned recently in 1 foot of water because of an inner tube.

Josie's first slip-n-slide encounter:

Grandpa usually swims with her-he forgot his suit this day. Our condo has a regular pool, hot tub (josie loves it!) and this awesome 2ft wading pool.


Mamato2girls said...

Oh, Josie is such a doll!!

Julie and Dean said...

Hey Julie.
E-mail me at for our password for adoption #2. LOVE the pool pics!!
Julie and Dean

My Three Sons Designs said...

Oh my gosh Julie, she is so beautiful! What a huge blessing. I'm in napa valley this weekend, but when I get home I'm going to read about your whole journey. Hope I get to meet her someday! And I'm sure she'll get her "wedgie-master" sassy pants on someday too :) The funny thing is that he is even more like his dad than me! I married my self...