Thursday, August 21, 2008

Josie's 2nd Birthday party AKA The Party of the ANNOYING SINGING ELMO BALLOON!

You know-it seemed like a good idea at the time. We went to the party store to get some balloons and I picked out one of Elmo's face and some latex ones and the girl filled the balloons while we paid. Then when we went to get them-she's like, "You know-we have a singing Elmo balloon. Would you like that one too?" Of course-she didn't point it out until I'd already bought and paid for the other one. . . . So yeah-I got it. Brady and Marina and I squished ourselves into the car with a million balloons (or so it seemed). Honestly-I was a little worried about Marina in the backseat-I couldn't even see her. That balloon sang all the way to Jeff and Marie's house . . .

It was just a family birthday-we had a gourmet hot dog theme and of course, green beans for the birthday girl. (Side note: we recently had a green bean canning party and when Josie saw over a hundred quarts of green beans on the counter-her eyes got HUGE! And then she was ticked cuz we didn't have them for dinner . . . She kept pointing at them, like-hey people-THEY'RE RIGHT THERE! OPEN ONE FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!)

That balloon floated for 6 WEEKS! And is still singing . . . . . Shouldn't have rescued it from the skylight. And when the whole balloon bunch came loose from Josie's highchair during dinner-we shouldn't have let Uncle Jeff climb the tree to get it out.

A few pics . . .

Look Mama-it's SINGS! (yes, yes . . .we are all painfully aware, sweetie!)

Uh, oh!

Somebody DO something!

This is the nice quiet one.

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