Monday, May 19, 2008

pet parade

On Saturday-we went to a pet parade with another PLAN family that adopted twins last year. Taylor and Chloe are about 3 months younger than Josie. Natalie (mom) also gave birth last fall to Coby-so she's got an 8 mo old and 20 mo old twins. Hat's off to you, Natalie! The girls are adorable and Coby is a giant baby. He's about the same size as Taylor (the peanut). I realized how tall Josie is when she stood next to the twins. She's grown a bunch in the last couple of months. She's becoming a little girl-no longer a baby.

The girls were pretty wary of each other-but by the end of the morning were bonding over cookies and string cheese. I've turned Chloe into a string cheese convert. I had a hard time getting some good pics of Taylor-she wasn't too sure about me and Josie at first. Chloe was a bit more social-she didn't turn away every time I picked up my camera. But they come to Oregon several times a year-and I predict they will all become good friends. It was great to meet Natalie (or SuperMom as far as I'm concerned!). We're looking forward to more get togethers-hopefully with more PLAN families next time.

Some pics of the day.

Chloe (this is how she spent most of the parade-pointing!)


A couple of shots with all three girls (pretty hard to get!)


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