Monday, May 19, 2008

Next stop-Carnegie Hall!

So-we're in the kitchen and Josie's rummaging through one of the kitchen utensil drawers and I turn around and see her pretending to play the violin with a spatula and a skewer(!).

note: Before you call me a bad mommy-I didn't unpack the kitchen when I moved-and was told this particular drawer had nothing dangerous in it . . . obviously, someone helping that day didn't get the memo.

Anyway-I was pretty shocked cuz I couldn't figure out where she came up with that-but I quickly traded her the skewer for a chopstick and ran for the camera.

I called my mom to tell her of our little prodigy-and she reminded me that there is an Elmo video that has a maybe 4 second clip of a little girl playing the violin in it.

I'm still impressed.

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taylorchloejake said...

You better sign her up for music class asap. That is truly amazing