Friday, January 04, 2008


Well, Josie was definitely spoiled this Christmas! I didn't figure she would really get into the opening of her presents, since most of my nephews and neices had meltdowns on xmas eve at her age. But she actually did really well-maybe because we opened gifts before dinner since the ham wasn't done yet. She didn't appreciate the sleeves on her pretty dress that Papa bought her, but other than that, she was in fine spirits. She had her cousins to play with and lots of attention from the adults. Grandma and Papa got her a princess tenet-and she and Josh had a blast playing in it. And since Josie likes Josh's Duke (stuffed dog) so much-he got her one of her own. We named it Duchess, of course.

After I put Josie to bed, I drove back up to Portland for midnite mass and then back down to Salem afterward. I got to bed about 3:30am and Josie woke up at 6:30am. All I heard was "Whoozzatt?" I assume she meant me since I hadn't been there before . . . So cute. I woke up laughing, which is good since I was so tired.

Christmas Day was full of more presents and lots of family. Just perfect!

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