Friday, January 04, 2008

18 months . . .

and so adorable!

Hey Josie-bean! You know, I was a little concerned about how little you were talking, but no more! Every day you seem to have a new word or phrase-of course, sometimes you have your own "spin" on the word-but I figure it still counts. My favorite right now? Whazzat? or Whoozzat? (What's that? or Who's that?). It kills me when you wake up in the morning talking like that. So cute.

However-I haven't seemed to figure out where the volume control is. Poor Papa Joe has to take you outside for most of Mass nowadays, not because you're crying or fussy, but because you're so LOUD and you want to explore the church. I fully expect to look up one day and see you up by the altar and priest pointing at the chalice and saying "Whazzat?"

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