Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family and Kids Festival

We had so much fun at this a couple of weeks ago-lots of free stuff at the booths, cheap tickets for the petting zoo, bouncy houses and reptile booth. Free performances by gymnasts, children's theater, OMSI, etc. We spent about 4 hrs there and I had to drag the kid away.

Free Face-painting! She's so into unicorns right now . .

She also now LOVES flamingos! Thsi was from a booth that will go to a house in the middle of the night and "Flock them" by putting up a ton of plastic flamingos. And sometimes they are in costume-like for Halloween or Valentine's Day. Pretty funny prank. I entered a raffle for a free "flocking" (boy, that sounds kinda dirty!) but apparently didn't win. I entered lots of raffles and Josie must've spun 20 different prize reels. It was all about the reels!

And it was all about the gymnastics-there were 2 different booths from gyms and they both had mini-gym courses and instructors to assist the kids in their forward/backward rolls, etc. Josie spent a lot of time there. Then after a demonstration-they left up the equipment and invited the kids (and one brave, brave adult) to do the course. Josie went round and round until they tore it down. I may have to try some gymnastics classes for her.


Jillian Weiss said...

Where is this? It looks so cool.

Jules said...

It was at the Wash Co fairgrounds a couple of weeks ago. I'll have to put out the info for it next year. It was a lot of fun and only $10/family.

Jillian Weiss said...

What a deal!