Friday, October 15, 2010

Wanted: New friend with photo editing skillz!

So-I bought a Groupon for a great deal on a canvas wrapped photo but I'm having trouble deciding which photo to pick and am being a total hack in Photoshop Elements. There's a couple good ones of Josie-but I'm loving the ones of both Marina and Josie. I could use some input on which photo to have canvas-wrapped at a 16X20 inch size.  Anyway-I think I'm leaning towards #2-any thoughts or advice?

1.) Love this-did a soft white-light overlay

2.) Same pic with a warming filter

3.)  I was playing with this one-can't seem to get it right . . .

4.)  Again-so close but oversharpened?   I dunno . . .

5.) Probably not a contender for the canvas-wrap-but it's cute. I really like the antique-y look. Also-somehow I added the frame but don't know how I did it!  ;)

6.) B&W

7.)  Probably a bit too out of focus and dark-still a cute shot.

8.) Same with this one . . .

9.)  Just throwing these in-had fun once I learned how to highlight just the eyes or lips to enhance the color a bit.  Filters and overlays are fun!

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Julie and Dean said...

Jules, you did a great job with these photos! Everyone looks so good. I love the black and white of Josie.
Her dress is adorable!