Friday, April 02, 2010


My friends Shula and Patrick came up to Portland for a visit with their two adorable ones-Anh and Tam.  Anh's about 6 months older than Josie and Tam's a year younger than she is and they all got along great.  While Shula and Patrick attended a dinner-I got to pretend I had 3 kids for the evening.  Josie is a very loud kid.  Tam is a very loud kid.  Anh and I just looked at each other and covered our ears.

Dinner-yes, Josie's in her underwear.  She's a pretty classy host.

Watching a movie-Tam's managed to change into Josie's swimsuit.  Quite frankly-I'm surprised Josie let her.

Seriously-how beautiful is this kid?

And of course-Anh and his dimples!

I really should throw these things away-but the pics are cute . . .

Dress up!

The next morning we hit the Children's Museum:

And outside there was a real train!  Anh was in heaven.


Julie and Dean said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that looked like SO MUCH fun!!! I laughed at the fake tooth picture. You have to keep them around.
Anh and Tam are gorgeous. Those three kids together can make anyone smile!

taylorchloejake said...

My favorite is the close up of Tam with the babydoll suffocating in a ziplock in the background.

jenyfer said...