Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fountain playdate

We got together with Natalie's girls, Taylor and Chloe, and Lydia in Salem on Saturday. It was pretty hot out-so after an hour on the playground we took the girls over to the fountain to play. Only Lydia was the only one to take full advantage of the water (she was the youngest too!) while Josie pretended not to be scared and tried to drag T and C into the fountain. The three of them never really got too wet except at the end Josie did manage to get soaked-probably by accident. A kid probably nailed her with the spray or something!

I did manage to get some pics-Lydia wasn't in too many photos cuz she was too busy sitting in the middle of the fountain trying to swim in a few inches of water. Josie, Chloe,and Taylor danced around the edges the whole time.

Here's Taylor-flirting with disastor!

The four cuties . . .

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Julie and Dean said...

So cute and looks like fun. The pictures are GREAT! The only thing missing though is...
a chubby little vietnamese boy named Stephen-Paul! He misses all of you.