Sunday, February 15, 2009


I always think it's adorable, of course, when Josie asks for kisses or hugs. I love the way she hugs-she pats your back while she's holding you.

Josie's really been into The Little Mermaid lately-so much so that I'm CONSTANTLY singing Part of This World both in my head and out loud. Normally when I sing, Josie tells me to "Stop Singing!" which hurts my ego a bit. But apparently, the exception to that is Little Mermaid songs. She actually requests them.

The last couple of days Josie runs up to me and asks for a kiss and she then grabs my head and turns it sideways and plants a HUGE sloppy kiss on me. She just came up and did this and it finally dawned on me what she was doing. We just finished watching Little Mermaid and I totally see now that she's recreating the Ariel/Prince Eric kiss at the end.

I'm waffling between cracking up and being slightly disturbed. But mostly cracking up!


Lals said...

Oh no, it seems that you have a little actress on your hands! If she's still doing this in 10 years, I'd be worried! ;) For now, though, it's adorable!!!

Shali said...

Hey Jules,

I love it -- she's definitely going to be the drama major within all the girls. Sorry to be out of the loop for a while, we've been out and about a bit but I'll update the blog soon. Priya tells me to stop singing at times too.

Julie and Dean said...

Too Funny! I see you are going to keep a close eye on her ;)

taylorchloejake said...

Oh that's so funny. She's so stinkin' cute that Josie! She's gonna freak at disneyland. Please don't forget your camera!