Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is this a case of "Those who can't, teach"?


Lals said...

Omg, I LOVE IT!!!!! I suppose now, at least, you have an over-sized potty-trained stuffed bear on your hands! ;)

Anonymous said...

Jules omgosh Josie is sooooo cute!! love all the updated pictures!

well i'm not really suppose to share too many details with anyone, but let's just say i should be making a first trip hopefully this spring ;)

the wait is a lot shorter for the eurasian/asian children because they're not "desireable" by the Russians adopting or Russian PAP's, ridiculous!! and they're usually healthier too than the pure Caucasian children over there. i'm surprised not more people are going this route with China's wait and Vietnam's shutdown!!

but there's a long list for Caucasian children but hardly any for the "mixed heritage" children, which is good for me! but sad for all those cute asian children in Russia :(