Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy news, Horrible news

Well-the happy news is that I received my immigration paper on Tuesday and it's at the Vietnam consulate today. Taht was a huge stressor lately-it got hung up in the Portland office with several others from my agency. And we all needed to have it in Vietnam ASAP . . .

And then the news this morning-one of the babies belonging to another family from my agency died from pnemonia. This is the third baby to die in a week in the orphanges over there from pnemonia-although the first from one of the orphanges my agency is affiliated with. They were supposed to be traveling soon too. I'm so sad for them-even though they never held her or saw her other than in pictures-she was a member of their family. I know this-because that's how i feel about Josie. I know my family feels that same way. In a way-we all feel a loss-because it could've been any one of our babies. And now-we're all scared to death for the welfare of our children-we have no idea how they are.

Makes my worry over a silly piece of paper seem ridiculous now . . .

Rest in peace-little Faith . . .I hope you felt how much you were loved.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jules,
I came across your website and realized that we are both in Oregon and going through PLAN. I'd be glad to email with you if you were interested in sharing your experience. We live in Eugene, and are nearby, also adopting from Vietnam. Thanks - Cerise & Jeff,